FEEL LIKE GOKU with this awesome super saiyan t-shirt 

You WANT  to feel like a supersaiyan while training? I just got this awesome GOKU compression shirt at saiyanfitness.fr

For 20 dollars, You ll feel like you have unlimited POWER. It looks great but it also feels great. You can use it while training or with a nice pair of jeans: not doubt you ll attract looks. 

My verdict: 10/10. Feeling like GOKU for 20 dollars, It can only be the perfect verdict. A must have. 

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GOKU GRAVITY CHAMBER: Start with gravity boots;)

Gravity boots are wrapped around your ankles. They will allow you to lock your feet on a bar bolted to the wall or door and to hang completely inverted.

Sure, You ll feel like the Batman and it s already worth the price, but gravity boots will do much more. 

It ll stretch your muscle and align your spine like no other equipment. If you have backpain or just want to relax after a tough workout,  it works wonder. 

Astronaut grow taller in space by decompressing the spine. Until you go into space and join Elon musk space x, gravity boots are the cheapest and most effective option on the table.

Hanging upside down feels great and je S also a great workout addition: You re  GOKU training in the gravity chamber. 

It s  great to train your abs, flexing to the touch your toes becomes a real challenge.


‘A must have tool to relax your muscles and spine or to flex your abs. Very affordable alternative to GOKU S gravity chamber .’

Click to check my video revieW 


The power of quotes for training motivation

Quotes are like a magic spell, they hold the power to inspire, motivate and even change your life. 

They are a few words which hold a meaning that can deeply move you and bring  you to do wonders. 

Sports bring discipline, willingness in life, its the area where you need to go beyond yourself to find what you re really made of. Quotes will give you that extra push to keep on and face the hardest moment, its going to be that little voice inside your head that ll MOVE mountains. 

Sports and quotes are bound together, the perfect match to bring the best out of you.

Find some that really mean something for you and put them on your wall, desktop, iPhone, fridge, treadmill…so they remind you to achieve fantastic goals.

They can come from icons of your sports, leaders or even fictional characters.

Here are some great ones to start, collect the special ones and do wonders 

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Conan the Barbarian (1982) is In the pantheon of movies that you ll get you pump up for your workout and for a lifetime.

Like thousands of kids, i watched this 8 years old Conan  push  the wheel of pain and transform year after year into a beast of an adult. I Just dreamt to be at his place;)

Some quotes are legendary: ‘Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom… so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!’ 

Dont You WANT TO run to workout after such words?? 

For my 50th workout video, I designed a workout inspired by Conan with variations of the power wheel and other great exercises.

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GFK breakfasts: forget your froot loops, go spartan;) 

Can you imagine Spartacus starting his day with a bowl of Froot Loops and pasteurized milk??

IF you want to live a warrior day, you need to start with a warrior breakfast.

First,  forget about your usual cheerios and muffin s breakfast with no nutrients.

Following Charles poliquin advise, my GFK breakfast are usually  meat and nuts, plus an egg.  ‘The meat allows for a slow and steady rise in blood sugar. The nuts provide a great source of healthy smart fats that allows the blood sugar to remain stable for an extended period of time (poliquin)’

On other day, i START with the tim ferriss breakfast: sardines, egg, a spoon of coconut oil and some fiber (broccoli, artichoke…). It’s an awesome low carb meal.

Finaly, If i wake up and really feel like eating sugar, i go for a bowl cake of oats, coconut oil, nuts, berries, egg.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, go for performance;) 


The importance of imagination in training!

You ve TO create energy to train at your best. Imagination is here to give you that extra boost that ll help you finish a set (or start).

Medieval History or fantasy is full of characters that ll light up your training: Spartacus, dartagnan, Conan the barbarian, the 300 Spartans, gladiator Maximus, the Vikings…

IF you want to live up those moments, i strongly advise you to visit the Puy du fou, lauréate of the best attraction park in the world. A wonderful place to sparkle your Imagination and boost you up for endless workouts😉 


My supersaiyan tip: a drop of coffee

Coffee contains Caffeine. It ll stimulate your central nervous system, implying an energetic response.

SURE it can lead to many side effects ranging from insomnia, jitters, stomach pain, addiction. that s  why you have to go easy, especialy at a young age.

Going easy doesn’t mean banning it.

 You can allow yourself to drink a nice brewded coffee or a Starbucks from time to time. By the way the Starbucks picture was taken in Paris (Montmartre hill), fantastic place. 

 A couple of sips will  immediately boost my focus and my energy level.

I ll enter the supersaiyan mode.

But to make sure too feel the effect, i have a strict policy on soda and soft drink.

I avoid them as much as possible. Sure they   contain caffeine but mostly sugar.

So my GFK advise: enjoy a cup of coffee from time to time and make sure to use that extra energy quick for a good workout😉

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You ve tons of way to train your abs and aim for a six pack: crunch, plank, vacuum breathing..

What if i told you, you could boost your abs training by x10 with the power wheel by lifeline?

VERDICT : 9/10 ‘GFK Must have 👊’

The power wheel will allow you to work both way, locking your arms or feet, and it makes all the difference, allowing a huge variety of abs exercises.

You ll feel this burning sensation while training and flexing and get incredible results.

Check my POWER WHEEL video REVIEW. 


Up for the challenge? No matter where you live.   Send me your workout video links (YouTube or Dropbox links) in the comments or gabrielfitnesskid@gmail.com. Precise your name, age and city. Keep it under 5min, i ll edit it. If i find IT good, I ll post it in my website gabrielfitnesskid.com and my YouTube channel. It ll help boost your own channel and continue to make gabrielfitnesskid the #1 fitness site for 8/18.

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