Rise to the level of your hopes, fall to the level of your training

‘Rise to the level of your hopes, fall to the level of your training’. A wise military quote to ponder and apply in every aspect of your life.

Of course, it apply wonderfully to sport. You shall train aiming for the highest goals and surrounded by people who are better (at this point) than you. Constant improvement is the pathway.

In this workout, we ll test strength and endurance with some great kettle-bell and push-up combos.

Enjoy the flow and aim high;)

Dynamic workout: resistance band benefits

Up until 11/12, bodyWeight EXERCISES, light Dumbbells (that allow you to do 20 reps) and resistance bands shall be the holy trinity of your workouts. Add fun, correct technique above all and it’s the perfect recipe to add muscle one block at a time.

In this dynamic workout, I ll focus on a few great resistance band exercise to boost your high jump and start.

If you practice a ball game, this is definitely a must do workout;)


Biceps hypertrophy

Biceps amount to 1/3 of your arm size and triceps 2/3. But it’s the king muscle. Ask any kid to do a muscle pose and he ll flex his biceps.

Your biceps workout has to be smart to maximize your gains.

The workout will consist of:

3×7 dumbbell curls

Inclined bench biceps curls

Biceps pull without/with resistance band

Be ready for hypertrophy;)

See you on YouTube for more workouts.

Two circuits workout for 200% results 

Circuits workouts consist of 4 to 5 exercises that you perform in a row at maximum intensity. You take a break of 2 minutes and start again at least 3 times.

Its fun, it’s challenging, you ll definitely feel the pump in your muscles and heart.

The STRONG circuit will test your muscle strength and dynamic power while the BEAST circuit will add intensity and resistance to your training.


CROSSFIT WORKOUT, Greatest motivation

You can argue that the moves aren’t always made with the correct form, that the repetition of exercises  sometimes look superhuman; You can wonder if the shoulders and knees will survive after you turn 40. But there is no doubt crossfit workouts are incredible for motivation. Just look at Sara sigmundsdottir, mat Fraser, rich froning, Katrin davidsdottir compete and you ll just want to rush to your workout.

In the video CROSSFIT WORKOUT full body routine , you ll find a workout that you can complete at home, it s challenging, exhausting…enjoy it;)

WORKOUT TO get Pacquiao or mayweather abs 

Two GREAT boxers with different style, two fantastic athletes with a different physic beginning with the abs.

A very defined middle section with blocky abs for mayweather and sharper, less external abs for pacquiao. Both looks great but you ll have to train in a different way to get one or the other.

In the following video,  I’ll show you workouts move to reach your goal.

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