That’s kid fitness!

I read a lot of negative comments on how the workout video of social media fitness gurus have more to do with circus than fitness.

According to this negative buzz, we all shall stick to basic bodybuilding and mobility moves. I agree that the basic move are mandatory if you want constant results and avoid injury.

But fun shall also be a big part of training, especially in kid fitness. Explore, create or copy fun moves, Instagram and YouTube are a goldmine on a daily basis with inspiring athletes to follow.

Have fun with burpees and pushups variations, resistance bands, kettlebell moves, mix it up and explore.

This is the spirit of gabrielfitness kid and of my new workout THAT S KID FITNESS.

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The power of fitness communities

Goals, grit and perseverance towards success are defining my daily action to reach my Top level goal: REACHING THE NUMBER ONE SPOT of kid fitness social media hierarchy.

Everything is in service of this vision, this top level goal.

Being Stubborn is important but the most important is communal interaction, comments, share, exchange and workout! And workout again;)

Here come the next step to Gabrielfitnesskid plateforme: the power of community. The value is in the power of young athletes network to provide the most innovative, inspiring kid fitness workouts from all over the world.

You ll find 3 TEAM KID FITNESS WORLD playlists divided in 3 ages categories: 3-5,6-9, 10-13.

And TEAM KID FITNESS classified by COUNTRIES (France 🇫🇷, Indonesia, Philippines 🇵🇭…)

Of course, you ll still get my weekly workouts.

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STAIRS WORKOUT: benefits of outdoor training

The STAIRS WORKOUT is the third installment of my outdoor workout serie after the 📺 BEACH and the 📺 BENCH workouts.

As in those last two workouts, You wont need any fitness equipments, we ll use take the full benefits of the outdoor surrounding .

Bench and stairs are both great for full body workouts. Obviously, you might think that we ll exercise mostly the LEGS in the Stairs, i ll show You that it can also be great for pushups, burpees and cardio. We ll use both the stairs and the ramp.

Just click the link below and enjoy;)


I m waiting on your feedback either here or on the YouTube channel: Gabriel ‘fitness kid’ benichou .

Tell me what other outdoor workout you wish to come next 💪👍

Park bench workout: unlimited options

i always feel great when working out outside, not only while exercising but for the full day. i Recently posted a BEACH workout (find it 📺HERE) and I reckon it s not always easy to find a nearby beach, so I decided to start an outdoor serie with the best exercises for a full body workout. It ll be fresh and challenging.

We ll START with a park bench workout (any street/outdoor bench) with 10 exercises for your legs, chest, arms and abs.


And next week, i ll post a STAIR workout.

I wait for your feedback to follow up with more outdoor options, feel free to propose your favorites.


Lets make it your Venice beach

I recently saw an anniversary video of Schwarzenegger going back to Venice beach. Legendary.

Nowadays you can find some calisthenic bars and machines in beaches all over the world.

Training at the beach, under the sun, has to be one of my favorite. Especially when you can Finish your session diving in the sea.

In this video, you ll find some of my favorite beach exercises: lifeguard pushups, pole pushups variations, abs move..



3 keys of football workout

Iron and football are my addiction, and they definitely work well together.

When you design workouts for football you have to keep in mind the 3 keys: coordination, strength, speed.

I often combine a coordination exercise with one of the latest for maximum results.

For foot coordination, ladder drills and circle move are among the best exercises.

Right under, you ll find three workouts specifically designed for football:





Get the best pushups

PUSHUPS, from school yard to prison, are this badass exercises to test yourself. You can set goals with numbers (50, 100…), time (30 sec in a row, time pause at the bottom, in the middle…) or challenging form.

They are almost self sufficient to built an muscular shredded body (with the right food plan of course).

I love to challenge myself with different pushups form, it always spice up a workout.

In the two video below, You ll find some of the best pushups:




Rise to the level of your hopes, fall to the level of your training

‘Rise to the level of your hopes, fall to the level of your training’. A wise military quote to ponder and apply in every aspect of your life.

Of course, it apply wonderfully to sport. You shall train aiming for the highest goals and surrounded by people who are better (at this point) than you. Constant improvement is the pathway.

In this workout, we ll test strength and endurance with some great kettle-bell and push-up combos.

Enjoy the flow and aim high;)

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