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GFK Calisthenic playground project in Philippines: a fitness playground raising fund for school fees

THanks TO help us raise money to open a calisthenics playground for kids in barili (Philippines).
Sports is a great path to forge both mental and physical strength in life.

The joy you find on a kid’s face when he masters à PUSHUP up, muscle up, dips…is a sign of achievement maint to be replicated in every other aspect of his life (knowledge, relation, family..).

Unfortunately, sport activities are often too expensive.
The calisthenics playground will be a long lasting place to workout together, have fun and set kids on the right path in life.
We re counting on you!

The voluntary entrance fee will then allow to pay for school fees and books: the body and mind concept.

Just follow THE LINK even the smallest amount will help this project come to life. 


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