Star Wars mind trick: how clothes will boost your workouts. 

Clothes are one of the  greatest mind trick to boost your workout motivation: it s the instant reward or the goal. 

It can be a great t-shirt You want to wear during your workout, or a clothe you ll wear right after and that ll fit perfectly after a nice workout (s). 

In this clothing serie, I’ll post articles about workout clothes I happened to enjoy (and why).

And i have to Start this Star Wars workout mind trick with…a great looking adidas jacket, a Star Wars limited edition.

ITs light and you ll Look great in it with workout jeans or a nice pair of jeans, a white pair of Stan smith shoes and a suntan;) 

Please enjoy and feel free to share;) 

FEEL LIKE GOKU with this awesome super saiyan t-shirt 

You WANT  to feel like a supersaiyan while training? I just got this awesome GOKU compression shirt at

For 20 dollars, You ll feel like you have unlimited POWER. It looks great but it also feels great. You can use it while training or with a nice pair of jeans: not doubt you ll attract looks. 

My verdict: 10/10. Feeling like GOKU for 20 dollars, It can only be the perfect verdict. A must have. 

Please enjoy and feel free TO share;)


GOKU GRAVITY CHAMBER: Start with gravity boots;)

Gravity boots are wrapped around your ankles. They will allow you to lock your feet on a bar bolted to the wall or door and to hang completely inverted.

Sure, You ll feel like the Batman and it s already worth the price, but gravity boots will do much more. 

It ll stretch your muscle and align your spine like no other equipment. If you have backpain or just want to relax after a tough workout,  it works wonder. 

Astronaut grow taller in space by decompressing the spine. Until you go into space and join Elon musk space x, gravity boots are the cheapest and most effective option on the table.

Hanging upside down feels great and je S also a great workout addition: You re  GOKU training in the gravity chamber. 

It s  great to train your abs, flexing to the touch your toes becomes a real challenge.


‘A must have tool to relax your muscles and spine or to flex your abs. Very affordable alternative to GOKU S gravity chamber .’

Click to check my video revieW 



You ve tons of way to train your abs and aim for a six pack: crunch, plank, vacuum breathing..

What if i told you, you could boost your abs training by x10 with the power wheel by lifeline?

VERDICT : 9/10 ‘GFK Must have 👊’

The power wheel will allow you to work both way, locking your arms or feet, and it makes all the difference, allowing a huge variety of abs exercises.

You ll feel this burning sensation while training and flexing and get incredible results.

Check my POWER WHEEL video REVIEW. 

Equipment review: CORE PUSH-UPS by SKLZ

The core push-ups by SKLZ will definitely add diversity to your push-ups and plank workout.

You can use it straight on the floor or with a BALL under TO add a balance component.

Check my video CORE PUSH-UPS REVIEW.

MY verdict: 06/10.

‘A good addition TO your fitness equipment to add diversity but not a game changer’


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