WORKOUT: Self discipline or betting pool?  

You want to be great, TO pursue your goal and go for it with everything thing you have. You ll do it, not for someone else, but for you. You ll be obsessed to obtain that. 

The question is do you have the self discipline to reach that goal, to train constantly with the same passion and heart every day? 

You have to find that fire inside you, the center of your motivation. If you have self discipline, you ll create the strength that will push you through a great workout.  you ll trick your mind to create it in many différents ways, here are some that works:

Warrior mind: ‘my ennemy, my opponent, is ready, he s fully prepared, he s waiting for me, I have to push harder because we ll meet soon…’

Tricky mind: ‘It’s not a 100kg you have on this bar, its 80kg, and 80 is light for you, you ll make it, you ll make it!’

Goal oriented look good mind: ‘you want to be pump up in this new shirt? Flex, go for another round, push for it and you ll fit it nicely’

Goal oriented success mind: ‘its your purpose, its why you re here, train harder to reach it. Train harder than anyone else to reach this 0,1 spot that belong to the greats’

WHAT if self disciple isn’t enough on some days, isn’t enough for a special goal (loose or gain weight? Add a few kilos to a bar?), I suggest you test the betting pool. 

Find  5 friends and each put the same amount: 100 usd for example. 

It can be a bet of 4 of your friends that think you ll never reach your goal: if you do, you ll win 400, if you don’t, you ll loose a 100usd and they ll win 25. 

It can also be 4 of your friends with the exact same goal, the first one that ll reach it, will win everything.

It’s a great motivation tool, not because you can win money but mostly because you can loose it. You put something on the table and have to fight hard to keep it.

My fitness friend, set up your goals, don’t short change yourself, go for the highest possible goals and never give up. Enjoy the process, go for it with everything you have, WITH self discipline, With mind tricks, but most importantly with your heart.

Please enjoy and feel free to share.


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