Public speaking and fitness for kids: building confidence and a set of tools for life 

Today I auditioned for a role in a big budget movie (i ll tell You which one if I get the role;) ), i went for the fun of it but who knows…life is full of surprises.

 What it has to do with fitness gabrielfitnesskid?

 It s very much correlated. Langage and public speaking are essential life skills, the sooner you start the better. 

In a stressful situation, you can react 3 différents ways, its the FFF response: fight, freeze, flee. Why is public speaking one of the main fear and petrify some people? Because your body thinks it’s a threat and apply this FFF rule: you can freeze, flee or just master it.

I had zero stress at this casting and enjoyed it, which is the purpose of it. You ll have to master public speaking one way or the other, at school, with a group of friends, around people you might not know, in your profession… have fun practicing until you feel absolutely no stress: You can act, You can record YouTube video, You can sing and you ll nail it.

But the beauty of starting at a young age is that you might never feel any stress doing it. It starts as a game and before you realize, you ll focalise attention, show confidence, charisma and enjoy the process.

So my friends, here is my advise: Master your body this fitness, master your mind testing yourself repeatedly, and start young;) 

Please enjoy and feel free TO SHARE;) 


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