Morning routine: bodyWeight workout before breakfast

In this post, despite the title, i wont enter the debate of working out on an empty stomach.  My pre breakfast workout is part of my morning routine and works wonders. Here is the how and why.

I usually set up my alarm clock at 6 am. I start with a big glass of water, put my sports clothes, put my earplugs with some music or a podcast ( I highly recommand joe de Franco podcast, lots of gems and the guy is freaking cool), and my day can start.

I usually run for about 10 min to reach a calisthenic playground where my bodyEight workout Will usually have PUSHUPS, pull up, dips, squat. I go for 3×10. For my 4 and 5th set, I replace pull up by muscle up (with elastic band for now).

It’s usually calm with a nice fresh air and birds singing. Morning jogger or people training, not yet confronted of the stress of day, are all much happier and friendly.

When Im done after about 20 Minutes, I jogged back to home and get a nice shower.

Only after, I take my gfk breakfast. Click if you want to know more about my no Froot Loops rule. 

This bodyWeight morning routine works as a mindfulness practice. Everything is calm, You Just concentrate on your workout and on your day. It sets you up perfectly for a successful day;)

This bodyWeight WORKOUT wont replace my workout training which is usually done late afternoon, but it’s the magic trick that boost my day. Don’t get me wrong,  It’s not about discipline, it’s about having a special time to focus on yourself, on your goals, on questions to make you move forward.

Please enjoy and feel Free TO share!


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