GOKU GRAVITY CHAMBER: Start with gravity boots;)

Gravity boots are wrapped around your ankles. They will allow you to lock your feet on a bar bolted to the wall or door and to hang completely inverted.

Sure, You ll feel like the Batman and it s already worth the price, but gravity boots will do much more. 

It ll stretch your muscle and align your spine like no other equipment. If you have backpain or just want to relax after a tough workout,  it works wonder. 

Astronaut grow taller in space by decompressing the spine. Until you go into space and join Elon musk space x, gravity boots are the cheapest and most effective option on the table.

Hanging upside down feels great and je S also a great workout addition: You re  GOKU training in the gravity chamber. 

It s  great to train your abs, flexing to the touch your toes becomes a real challenge.


‘A must have tool to relax your muscles and spine or to flex your abs. Very affordable alternative to GOKU S gravity chamber .’

Click to check my video revieW 


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