The power of quotes for training motivation

Quotes are like a magic spell, they hold the power to inspire, motivate and even change your life. 

They are a few words which hold a meaning that can deeply move you and bring  you to do wonders. 

Sports bring discipline, willingness in life, its the area where you need to go beyond yourself to find what you re really made of. Quotes will give you that extra push to keep on and face the hardest moment, its going to be that little voice inside your head that ll MOVE mountains. 

Sports and quotes are bound together, the perfect match to bring the best out of you.

Find some that really mean something for you and put them on your wall, desktop, iPhone, fridge, treadmill…so they remind you to achieve fantastic goals.

They can come from icons of your sports, leaders or even fictional characters.

Here are some great ones to start, collect the special ones and do wonders 

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