My supersaiyan tip: a drop of coffee

Coffee contains Caffeine. It ll stimulate your central nervous system, implying an energetic response.

SURE it can lead to many side effects ranging from insomnia, jitters, stomach pain, addiction. that s  why you have to go easy, especialy at a young age.

Going easy doesn’t mean banning it.

 You can allow yourself to drink a nice brewded coffee or a Starbucks from time to time. By the way the Starbucks picture was taken in Paris (Montmartre hill), fantastic place. 

 A couple of sips will  immediately boost my focus and my energy level.

I ll enter the supersaiyan mode.

But to make sure too feel the effect, i have a strict policy on soda and soft drink.

I avoid them as much as possible. Sure they   contain caffeine but mostly sugar.

So my GFK advise: enjoy a cup of coffee from time to time and make sure to use that extra energy quick for a good workout😉

Feel free TO share and spread the word.


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